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[Baby Elephants. Image Information.]

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  1. Hi Katie! I love elephants. They are my mom's favorite animal! I did not know that much about elephants. I think it is really cool that you have a passion for them or at least find them cool enough to write about for a couple weeks! I, especially, liked your fun facts about them. I am all for a matriarchal society. It makes a lot of sense that only the females travel in packs because they would be the one's that have to take care of the babies. I think it would be really interesting to tell a story of why the males leave the parade. For example, they now have no more guardians if something were to happen to them. Does that impact life expectancy for the sexes? But, I am excited to see how you change the folktales! They are very fun to add a twist to, especially ones that are not as well known. They make it easier to be able to change what happens or how the characters interact.

  2. Hi, Katie! I love the premise of your "Endearing Elephants" project and can't wait to see more! I noticed from previous posts that you seem fond of this particular animal. Is there a reason behind it? Just curious about your motivations behind why you chose this as the topic for your stories and project! The site for your project is easy to navigate and the colors you chose are soothing on the eyes. In regards to the layout -- the image you chose for the introduction section seems blurry or pixelated? Not sure if that's just on my computer. Also, reading about how a group of elephants are called a parade made me think of that Dumbo song, "Elephants on Parade." Now I know it's a play on words! I'm interested in how you'll change stories with negative depictions of elephants to show their gentle side instead. Will you portray the elephants as heroes, or will you also give them faults and make mistakes? Can't wait to read more!

  3. Hi Katie,

    I love the intro on Elephants. I personally do not know much about elephants besides for them being gray and have a trunk, so I am glad that you walked us through more information on it. I think one area that could make the intro even stronger is to maybe cut the first paragraph into two paragraphs to make it easier to read. Overall, I am really interesting in reading your stories from your intro. You set it up really nicely.

    Your story, A Gentle Giant, is so sad. The elephant had only one friend who turned against him due to jealousy. One thing that confused me was how the beginning made it seem like he had no social support besides for the rhino, but all of a sudden at the end when he was having a fight, the whole herd helped him. Overall, great story. I can't wait to read more of your stories.

  4. Hi!

    To start, I LOVE the elephant theme. I have found so many cool stories involving elephants as I have gone through this class and they are so much fun to read and write about. I also love the organization of your posts. I like how you have little headers for each section including citations. This makes it very easy to find the information the reader is looking for and makes you page look just that much better.

    Furthermore, I like that you are showing the gentle and loving side of elephants throughout your stories. As you said in the intro, elephants get a bad reputation because of their massive size, but in reality, they are very friendly animals. The first story was absolutely amazing and I loved reading it! I am very excited to see the other stories you share with us!

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  6. Hey Katie! I really enjoyed going through your portfolio. Aesthetically, I think it reads incredibly well! The colors and images help bring it all together. On top of that, I think it is so cool that you are focusing on elephant mythology specifically! I didn't even think that was a thing! Your introduction was very nice and very easy to read. It offered a good foundation for your first story, and just good knowledge in general. Your first story itself was very sweet and fun to read! The way that you introduced the elephants as strong creatures made me think of Dumbo, which was my personal favorite cartoon as a kid. Having that contrast from the stereotypical image of elephants is a really good juxtaposition for your purpose in story writing. Representing them in that way helps with the overall read of the story and makes it really interesting. Great job!


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