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Week 5 Story: Elephant's Revenge

Elephant's RevengeA snake heard the loud footsteps of an elephant walking towards him. He became excited because he had been waiting for this moment for days now. A mother elephant was venturing to gather some food and stopped by her usual 'itching tree'. Every couple of days she would use the tree to itch her back where pesky flies and bugs would bite her. Although she would shake the tree, and the animals in it, no damage ever resulted from it as she was careful not to harm the residents that lived there. However, the snake was evil and knew he could use her size and actions to cover up his own agenda. When she began to shake the tree, the snake slid over to a bird's nest and wacked the nest with his tail. This caused all the eggs to fall out and smack against the ground. The parent birds were just arriving back to the nest when they saw the eggs fall. The snake slivered away before he was spotted and the birds automatically assumed it was the elephant's itching…
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Reading Notes: Tales of a Parrot, Part B

The Frog, the Bee, and the Bird, who Killed the ElephantThe story began in the same format as all of Nakhshabi's others. Where Khojisteh and the parrot are talking and then the parrot goes into a story. In this instance, Khojisteh is wanting to leave to go meet her lover, and the parrot says that he will help unite them. However, Khojisteh does not know how the parrot would do so, so in response the parrot tells a story of how three small animals took down an elephant. His point being, if those three can accomplish their 'impossible' task, then why can the parrot and Khojisteh not do the same?The story the parrot told began with a bird that had recently laid eggs in a tree. An elephant, unknowingly, brushed up against the tree and knocked down all of her eggs-killing them all. Understandably, the bird was distraught and wanted revenge on the elephant. After rounding up friends and venturing to see the wise frog for a plan, the bird, bee, and frog were prepared to take dow…

Reading Notes: Tales of a Parrot, Part A

The Old Lion and the CatThis article immediately caught my eye because the title mentions animals. However, when I first started reading I was confused why it started off with talking about people. I then realized this was a 'story inside of a story'. The main idea is that there is a parrot that lives with Khojisteh, and gives her advice about different situations. Khojisteh noticed the parrot was deep in thought and asks him what he was thinking about. The parrot responded how he was thinking about Khojisteh and her husband and how she might repent her actions. He then began to tell her a story of a mouse and a cat. That is where the title comes from. In this story, an old desert lion would get shreds of meat stuck in between his teeth. Mice then would scurry up to him when he slept, and eat the pieces of meat out of his teeth. This caused the lion's rest to become disturbed and not sleep well. A friend of the lion, a fox, said that he should 'hire' a cat to keep…

Storybook Plan

Storybook PlanThe main theme I would like to explore in my storybook is elephants. As of now, I am thinking there there will be an overarching story that connects the stories together, but I am still not set in stone on that yet. I would like to give readers a fun read about elephants, while also presenting them as gentle giants. For creatures so big, they are capable of strong bonds and gentle demeanor. I want to portray the elephant as a sensitive, understanding being instead of the huge, inconsiderate, clumsy one that I have read in many folklore stories. 
Three possible stories that I have researched before and really liked are listed below. Some of these stories displays the elephant as a source of trouble-making and I would want to change that narrative so elephants are displayed in a better light. 

Story 1: The Elephant has a Bet with the Tiger
Story 2: Hare and the Elephants
Story 3: Why the Elephant has Small Eyes
Links to stories attached above.

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Week 4 Story Labratory: Author's Advice

Advice to Writers - Jon WinokurI chose this topic because I thought I could learn a lot from Jon Winokur's advice and from people who have contributed to his website. Not only educational, I saw this as an opportunity to look into the mind of an author and see what creative processes happen while they are at work. Expecting everything on this site to be from Jon Winokur, I was surprised when the home page was filled with quotes from other people. I then saw that this page was a collection of various writers, all sharing information to help enrich other's writing experience. That made me become even more interested in this website.
The very first piece of information that I found very helpful was about setting up the characters and plot. A lot of the time in my writing, I feel as if I need to explain every aspect- leaving nothing unclear to people who may be reading it. However, I learned that that is not necessary to be a good author and have an interesting piece of writing. In…

Reading Notes: Jewish Fairy Tales, Part B

The Fairy FrogFrom the title I did not know what to expect from this story. However, as I started reading I really enjoyed the story. It started with a son, named Hanina, going home because of news his parents were sick. His parents, on their deathbed, gave a request for their son to obey following their death. He was to wait seven days after their death then go into the local market and buy the first thing presented to him- no matter the cost or burden. He agreed to obey their request and after their death, he mourned them for seven days and then on the eighth he went into town for the market. An old man approached him and told him to buy his product for 1,000 gold pieces. The cost was so high, basically everything he owned and he was not allowed to even know what the man was selling him. Agreeing to the purchase, the man told him not to open the product until the feast later on. Once the feast came and Hanina and his wife finally opened the product and were disappointed when a smal…