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Wikipedia Trail: From Elephant to Action Potential

 Wikipedia Trail: From Elephant to Action Potential Elephant - Link I spent a lot of time in this class researching elephants and creating stories about them. So, it seemed only fitting to start my wikipedia trail with elephants as well. Elephant Cognition - Link In addition to just writing stories about elephants, I also touched on their social bonds and how intelligent the species is. From this article I learned that elephants are among the most altruistic animals on earth! Neuron - Link I am currently in a physiological psychology class, and have taken several other classes that involve the anatomy of the brain. So, when I saw neuron I had to click it because it goes along too well with topics I have been learning in my other classes this semester. Action Potential - Link Finally, I arrived at action potentials. Although small, action potentials are responsible for so much- including how I form thoughts and how I am able to type on my computer right now. This class has definitely se
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Week 12 Story Laboratory: Crash Course

What is Myth? Link. This first thing that caught my attention in these videos was what myth is made of. It is a combination of literature, history, anthropology, sociology, relion, and science. I think its amazing how many things are incorporated into mythology. Mike also talked about that there are many interpretations of mythology. I think it is really intriguing that one myth from hundreds of years ago and be told throughout generations and maybe their interpretation can change based on the changing of civilization and languages. Mike also spends time on the actual definition of 'myth'. In present day, we use myth as synonymous to 'not true' or 'lie'. However, the definition of myth can be simplified to mean a story. Many different people have different definitions of what can be classified as a myth- for example some people believe that myths can only relate to the creation of world and universe and therefore myths are under a broader religious background. 

Reading Notes: English Fairy Tales, Part B

 Fairy Ointment I was quick to click on this story because I used to love reading about fairies and other mythical creatures when I was growing up. I was very pleased to see that this story was very intriguing and reminded me of similar stories from my childhood. The story began by introducing a nurse named Dame Goody. One night she awoke from her sleep and went downstairs to see a small, strange looking man asking for help with his sick wife. Although she was suspicious, she decided to help him because that was the nature of her job. So, the two hoped onto the back of a horse and rode fast until they reached a small cottage house. Inside the house, she saw a sick woman with children playing on the floor besides her. The mother gave her a baby boy and asked her to rub ointment on his eyelids, and the nurse did so but was curious as to why. When no one was looking, she rubbed the ointment on her right eye as well and when she opened her eyes the small cottage transformed into a elegant

Reading Notes: English Fairy Tales, Part A

 The Old Woman and Her Pig When I read this story, it seemed as if this was written to be more of a riddle than a story. The way the story flowed and the sentences were structured was a bit unusual compared to most stories. However, I really enjoyed reading it because it seemed like something I might have heard in my childhood.  The story began with introducing an old woman. She lived in a little house and she noticed one day that it was dirty and needed to be swept. So, she decided to clean the house and while she was sweeping, she came across a crooked sixpence. After discovering the pen, she decided she wanted to use it, however, she had no animals to put in the pen. To solve this dilemma, she went into town and bought a piglet. On her way back from the market with her piglet, the piglet was hesitant and would not go over a stile on the ground. So, in order to fix the problem she goes and finds a dog and asks the dog to bite at the pig so the pig would go over the stile. After the d

Week 11 Growth Mindset

Challenge: Explore Growth Mindset Beyond School Although growth mindset is important in the classes I am currently in, there has been a lot of need for that same mindset outside of school work. I am currently applying to medical schools and waiting for interview invites. During this time it can be hard to not get down on myself and avoid thinking that I am not good enough. I have to remind myself to keep doing my best- whether that is in volunteering, studying for the mcat, writing essays, or simply staying positive in times of silence from schools. Negative thinking will not get me anywhere! [Motivation. Image Information .]

Week 11 Story: The Hidden Oasis

The Hidden Oasis In a poor village, there was a boy that was known for this love for animals. Although not getting enough food to satisfy his own needs, he always would give portions of his own food to his animals in order to keep them alive. He had a three dogs and two cats that he loved more than his own family. During one part of the year, there was a terrible drought that cost the village countless lives. Food was scarce and the boy struggled to gather enough food for his animals. He begged his parents to help him gather enough food for his animals, but the parents did no such thing. In fact, they threatened to kill the animals for a source of food for themselves. Although he didn't like the idea of stealing, he knew that is what he must do to keep them alive. He stole food from his parents, friends, and other villagers. Soon enough, people started to notice that his animals were growing stronger and fatter. The village was aware that someone was stealing, so they concluded it

Reading Notes: Marriage Tales, Part B

 The Dog Husband This story was very different from others... to say the least. It began with a girl who had a dog. Every night the dog would sleep at the end of her bed. However, in the middle of the night the dog would turn into a human. When morning came, the dog turned back from human to dog so no one was aware of the situation. After some amount of time, the girl became pregnant and the parents concluded that the only possible way was that it was the dog. So in order to punish the girl, the father killed the dog and the girl was left in a burning house to die. The entire village moved away, but little did they know that the girl had received help from Crow and had survived the burning fire. Living alone, the girl eventually gave birth to five pups, four males and one female. As the girl and her children grew up, the boys became more mischievous. The girl would catch them doing mischievous acts that would bring more shame to their people. The girl then guided the boys to a more str